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Friday, January 26

Request For SAP Marketplace ID (OSS ID)

I came across this method recently while trying to register for a training course off SAP education website. Apparently you could easily obtain an OSS ID through their website, granting you have access to the SAP environment at the company you are at.
Click HERE to access the registration page.
Upon entering this site, you will be asked to provide a few information. You will need a valid email address from the company you work for and the installation number.

The installation number could be found from SAP GUI. Inside SAP, click on system and status.

Once you complete this registration you will be given a temporary password. Write down the password as you will need it to complete the registration later on.
The system will send you an email to activate the account and registration. At which point you will need the temporary password you've obtained earlier. After you finish this registration process, you will be given an ID starting with the "S". You will be able to use this to log into and OSS Notes.
Good Luck!

Wednesday, January 17

Easily Populate T510F

Often time, most of us forget to populate T510F or don't even know T510F exist. For those who don't know this table, it control what currency to default for the employee at the wage type level on P0008 based upon their country assignment, pay scale type, and pay scale area.
Forunately there is a standard deliver program that will automatically populate this table for you. Go to SE38 and type in program "RPU10F20". This program will look at country assignment on your employee and check to see if there are missing entry in T510F. It will populate for you!

Sample Program Screen:

Sample Executed Output: