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Thursday, March 27

Organizational Management (OM) Infotypes

I tend to see this questions a lot. Either "What are the OM infotypes" or "What are the PA infotypes". It is always the popular questions among new users and even veterans to SAP. By looking at the infotypes number, it seems like there is no ryhme or reason how they are group, but there actually is.

0000 - 0999 is PA related infotypes
1000 - 1999 is OM/PD related infotypes
2000 - 2999 is Time Management
4000 - 4999 is Recruitment
5000 - 5999 is Erecruitment & E learning
9000 - 9999 is customer specific infotypes

To see a list of all OM related infotypes, you could use transaction code OOIT or table T778T.

On, they do offer a pretty extensive list and description on all of their infotypes. You could check it out @

Tuesday, March 11

Payroll Control Record - Tx Code PA03

For those who don't know what transaction code PA03 is or does, this is known as the payroll control record. It keep tab of payroll status on the payroll area the employees belong to. On infotype 0001 of every employee, they are tied to a payrol area (Payr. Area). The payroll area determine several things, one of which what payroll cycle or frequency he/she belongs to.

Before payroll could be run for an employee, the control record on this payroll area need to be released. This include if you are doing inhouse SAP Payroll or outsourcing payroll through an outside vendor, but utilizes SAP PCL cluster to track payroll run and extraction handle via PU12.

The payroll control record could be view via transaction code PA03 or via table T569V. On the payroll control record, it set the date retro date you can make modification to an employee that impact payroll and what payroll period you are currently in or going to be extracting for. When the payroll is in "released payroll" status, this mean it is ready for payroll extraction to occur for that payroll period. Once extraction is completed, the payroll is in exit payroll status to collect changes for next payroll period.

You could find out more about payroll through this really neat book I got recently.