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Friday, January 4

Modifying TARIF Feature

Logic Designed By: K. Nguyen-Tu


The purpose of ZFEATURE_TAIF it to look up job function codes reside on the job object (c) and pass it back to the main TARIF feature for processing.


1) We started with the main feature “TARIF” modification through transaction code PE03 and have it call the ZFEATURE_TARIF custom program

Original Custom Code Attached:
(Due to restriction, the custom code will not be available to the public)

2) In the PA30 user exit, both in the PAI and PBO we have use the set parameter to pass us the information we need to be retrieved in this ZFEATURE_TARIF program. The main purpose of using the SET PARAMETERS route, is the fact out of the box functionality, the feature is limited to use what is defined in the feature structure. Standard program does not have certain values needed such as PERNR, Position ID, etc passed to the main TARIF feature to be used in any custom program below it. The structure TARIF used is PME01, could be look up via PE03.

Sample Set Parameter:

SET PARAMETER ID: 'Z008' FIELD wa_0008-begda.

3) With all of the set parameters done, we can call these parameters within the ZFEATURE_TARIF program to be used to look up data we need through ABAP statements.

Sample Get Parameter:


4) Once all of the logic to look up the data is done, the information is then passed back to a custom feature we could maintain via PE03 called ZTARI. In example screenshot, “FEATURE_TARIF had been defined in the DATA segment above in the program to be ZTARI

5) In the ZTARI feature, we can now proceed with using the returned value and the standard configured decision functionality of a feature to determine the final value to be passed back to the main TARIF feature. Due to the depth of the feature and feature limitation, we had it call another featured called ZTA10 for US.