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Friday, September 3

Management Global Employee (MGE) - Reuse PERNR

In the past few years, SAP had spent many effort refining the Concurrent Employment / Management Global Employees of their. From modification on the portal side to ECC side, a solution are slowly rolling out for a lot major modules to support multiple PERNRs.

Going back to the basic, in the realms of Personnel Management, we know there is the possibility of using multiple PERNRs. With the MGE functionality activated, when a person goes on international assignment, he/she receives a new PERNR associated with that assignment. Each time an assignment occurs, a new PERNR is given for that assignment. To add to the mix, if the person become country re-assignment (permanent transfer) to a country, they also receive a new PERNR.

Over time, the amount of PERNRs being introduced for a person who goes on assignment a lot get a little out of hand. Recently SAP delivered to major OSS note to address this problem. You need to apply OSS 1363600 and configured your system according to OSS 1397959.

With these two OSS notes applied, you will now be able to "re-use" PERNR. The concept of having multiple pernrs is now limited to only one PERNR per country. You will still have multiple PERNR due to crossing MOLGA, but if the person return to the same country for another assignment, you can re-activate that withdrawn status PERNR.

Explore these two OSS notes and see if help improve your business process and share your thought in the process.

Wednesday, May 19


Basic Enterprise Compensation Management Configuration

Just reposting the same document that I had offered to the public in the past. Moved it from my domain site to my blog site for easier access for some people. So far I can't believe there had been over 9,000 download on this!! Whoo Hoo!!

This was one of the first and at the time of written the only documentation on how to configure Enterprise Compensation Management. A bit out dated, but still applies to the configuration node today even in ECC 6.0 EHP 4.