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Friday, September 1


A friend and former co-worker of mine asked me if I have heard of RFID. I recall seeing a special about it on ABC News a few nights earlier around RFID. To my knowledge RFID is a Radio Frequency Identifier, used as a single sign on method. The news was about a man who had implanted a small transmitter in his hand to assist him in accessing places where he would normally have to carry keys. He is able to access his car, his office, his home, and even assist with signing on to anyone of his multiple computers.

But what does that mean for SAP, she asked me. Upon researching it, I came across an article ( talking about it at a high level. It occurred to me, this is an awesome technology.

Look at it this way, the old method of barcode scanning require you to see the barcode and see the actual product you are scanning. Taking it to another level, if this were to be used by UPS, FED EX, or even the airline industry where they tag your item with a barcode. But if they can't see the barcode, they can't see your product.

Using a radio frequency tagging method, they can track your item w/o having to see it or know where it is. No more lost items or baggage! But that also mean another thing, think of 1984 where they know exactly where you are at. Similar to Martha Stewart and her ankle bracelet in recent events. In either case, if used correctly like everything else, this would be a very interesting technology. Only time will tell....

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