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Tuesday, October 27

OM Audit Logging

Most people know you can activate infotype audit logging with Personnel Administration (PA) infotypes, such as infotype 0000 or 0008. The audit log is useful in a sense to see what data element changed by showing the old values and new values. But little people know there is also audit logging ability with Organizational Management (OM) infotypes as well. 

To setup the audit logging, you would have to configure / maintain the table T77CDOC_CUST or you can find it in the IMG at SPRO -> Personnel Management -> Organizational Management -> Basic Setting -> Activate Change Document. Once you configure what infotype and subtype you are interested in tracking, you could use the program RHCDOC_DISPLAY to access the audit log. Most company would level the program concept and create a custom "Z" program version of it with incorporating other elements important to them, such as the employee attached to a position or job object. 

Why don't you play around and see if you find it interesting?

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