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Wednesday, April 9

Identifying Transaction Code In SPRO / IMG

I came across a thread a few weeks ago on one of the SAP support forum asking on how to identify transaction code in certain IMG / SPRO nodes (SAP configuration area). It made me ponder a bit because I usually do the long route by typing SPRO and drilling down the IMG path. Knowing some of the key transaction codes (TX Codes / T-Codes) would be helpful to place on your favorites to save time.

The method to find this out is very easy. You would first need to activate "IMG Activity" in the Additional Information menu on the Display IMG

Using the information displayed (as shown above) from activating the additional information of IMG activity, you can use SE16 or SE16N and query off a table CUS_IMGACH

When you query the CUS_IMGACT table using the IMG Activity name, one of the return value from that table is Transaction Code found under the TCODE field.

Now you can either type in the transaction code each time you would like to visit that node or easily add it to your favorite to be used. Cool stuff huh!

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Unknown said...

Having a problem in that the system is not modifiable. Client regards data as masterdata V_024, and wants to maintain directly in PRD without transport or opening the client. Any work arounds??