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Wednesday, April 16

PU12 Interface Toolbox FAQ

A few months ago, I had came across a pretty informative Payroll PU12 FAQ. Here are some of the questions and answers:

  • Why is an OR segment generated when only the name field was changed on the Personal Data infotype 0002?
    The OR segment containing organizational information is generated if a change is made to the name on Infotype 0002. The ENAME and SNAME fields on the OR segment are derived from the name field on IT0002. A change to the Form of Address field on Infotype 0002 will also cause an OR segment to be generated as this is considered a “change” to the name field as well.
  • Why do some IDoc segments contain chevron (<) signs in certain fields?
    The chevron sign (<) signifies data within the segments is delimited or stopped. For specific segments it is necessary to generate one segment showing the original (old) infotype values and another with the changed (new) infotype values in order for the payroll service providers to know what needs to end on their side and what needs to be set up as new.

  • Why was an IDoc segment generated when no data was changed on an infotype?
    A segment might appear in which fields contains pound signs when a field or fields were added to the segment definition as part of an LCP or an OSS note. The next time the export is processed after the LCP or note has been applied to the system, the segment will be generated containing pound signs. A way around this would be to run a “baseline” after the update which should not be sent to the payroll service provider. This is done by running the export with the “All data, not diff’s only” option without “Update”.

  • Are future dated master data changes exported?
    Master data changes with a future BEGDA date are not exported until the effective date falls within the pay period being exported. An infotype with a future ENDDA date (other than 12/31/9999) is exported twice. Once when the change is first made to the infotype and again when the ENDDA date falls within the pay period being exported..

  • How can a wage type be allocated to a cost center that is different than either the home cost center or normal fixed cost center distribution?
    A wage type may be designated to a specific cost center as an override to either the home cost center or to normal fixed cost center distribution allocations through the use of the cost center allocation override feature available on infotypes 0015, 2001, 2005 and 2010. The override cost center associated with the wage type is contained in the KOSTL field on the wage type segment (MW).

  • Why does the IDoc contain two of the same segments for some changes and for others only one?
    For infotypes that are associated with a time constraint, information from the "delimited" infotype is generated in one segment while the new information is generated in another. For infotypes that are not time constrained, only one segment is generated.

  • A reference ID number was entered in the REFID field on Infotype 491 but this value did not appear in the KY segment of the IDoc. Why?
    In order for the REFID value to appear in the KY segment, feature OTVSN must be changed (and regenerated) to allow for this field to be included in the IDoc. The default is blank which means this field is not included on the KY segment.

  • A master data change was made with an effective date of a prior pay period. Will this change produce a retro-calculation to occur to a wage type?
    With the Master Data Export version no retro-calculations are generated but the new wage type value is processed. If a prior-pay-period master data change is made that could result in a retro-calculation, the amount of the retro-calculation may be entered as a one-time payment on Infotype 0015 or entered directly into the service provider's system.

More could be found on SAP Help Site.


Unknown said...


I have configured PU12, with 2 different blocks in the file format with 2 different structures. The expected o/p is Line1
Line2 but the o/p what I am getting after file download is
line1 line2 i.e o/p gets concatenated even for diffrent employees. I want to append many lines for a single employee. Can you please help me in this regards.


Unknown said...

We have configured PU12 and it was running just fine. But recently it generated two idocs. The second idoc is not picking the header at all. Please someone help with this.
My id is if someone has a solution to this please mail me.


Unknown said...

We have configured PU12 and it runs fine when we run for selected employees. But when this is run for all the employees, it generates two idocs. The first idoc doesn't have a tail and The second idoc doesn't have header. The reason i presume is because the system is actually splitting the single file in two idocs. Because the second idoc lacks the header information it is picking up all the employees irrespective or any conditions and validations.
Kindly help in case someone knows how to add header in second idoc as well or to generate one big idoc.
Thank you.