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Friday, July 13

FAQ: Enterprise Compensation Management (ECM 5.0)

There has been a lot of mis understanding, lack of information, and just simply confusion around the Enterprise Compensation Management module in mySAP ERP 2004. Below are some of the points to be award of...

  • ECM was designed in the aspect being an MSS utilize functionality. Through MSS, there are several checks and balances the system goes through. However, this does not exist via PA30 if these records were to be created in the backend. For example, via PA30, you can still create, approve, and activate an employee for a particular plan he/she is NOT eligible for. Through MSS, this employee would've been grey out and not allowing the manager to proceed with the planning process of it. Please refer to OSS Note 879720 for further details

  • By default, in MSS the manager can plan for his/her employees in currency he/she wishes. However, when activiation occurs, it will do currency conversion automatically and post in their local currency. To override this factor you would need to remove the flag in T77S0 table at switch HRECM XEECU. Please refer to OSS note 891609 for further details

  • Complensation Planning iview shows ineligible employees. According to SAP, this is a per designed functionality. The purpose is to illustrate his/her entire employees population. Please refer to OSS note 919298

  • Out of the box functionality, planning manager can in fact approve his/her plan they had submitted. A lot of this issue is due to the lack of workflow functionality for ECM delivered with mySAP ERP 2004. Please refer to OSS note 802992. You can also look at these post available on SDN (HERE #1 , HERE #2, HERE #3)

  • ECM uses the currency exchange rate type "M" in TCURR table. This exchange rate is hard coded in the standard function modules used by ECM. Function module is "HR_ECM_CONVERT_CURRENCY"

If you are planning to customize ECM through BADIs to enhance how the program determine things, you could look into one of these many available BADIs from SAP

  • HRECM00_ACTIVATION - Replace activation procedure or new infotype determination
  • HRECM00_BDG0001 - EC budgeting
  • HRECM00_CACLBASE - Replace determination of calculation base salary
  • HRECM00_CARGP - Replace evaluation of compensation area
  • HRECM00_CP1GP - Replace evaluation of first compensation program grouping
  • HRECM00_CP2GP - Replace evaluation of second compensation program grouping
  • HRECM00_EFFDATE - Replace increase or award effective date
  • HRECM00_ELIGIBILITY - Replace or extend eligibility check
  • HRECM00_ELIGP - Replace evaluation of eligibility group
  • HRECM00_GDEGP - Replace evaluation of guideline grouping
  • HRECM00_GUIDELINE - Replace or extend guideline evaluation
  • HRECM00_MATRIX_SEGM - Define axis for matrix guideline
  • HRECM00_SALARY - Replace evaluation of salary and salary-related quantities

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